Our 20th anniversary exhibition 

The exhibition showcasesd 20 large sculptures which create an installation, inspired by the coastline and environment of Dorset. The sculptures are based around the idea, of the seed Janna planted 20 years ago when 15 Days In Clay was set up.

The sculptures are large figures with seed/flower heads, standing on rock, tree or meadow bases. We have asked the artists to come up with thoughts and feelings important to them, these are carved into the work for the audience to read, sowing seeds of thought.

Some of the sculptures are still available to own, please call Janna Edwards for details. 

Watch a video walkthrough of the original show at Durlston Country Park below

See the amazing artists that created this outanding art.

Environmental portrait photography by  Simon Peter Green

Lambeth born and former fire fighter, Simon Peter Green is a photographer with an interest in social documentary, portraiture and visual sociology.

Simon’s aim is to represent people in a dignified and progressive way.

See Janna and the Seed Exhibition as featured in Swanage News.

An extraordinary arts project which started with enough funding to run for 15 days is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a major three week exhibition at Durlston Country Park in Swanage.

Twenty large sculptures with seed or flower heads, standing on rock, tree or meadow bases will create an installation inspired by the coastline and environment at Durlston


Poetry by the artists and John Daniels


My flowers smell good People say
I’m waiting for the bees To come to the flowers
To pollinate each one I will make seeds
Then wait for the birds To come,
to take My seeds to a new home
Julie Spencer artist at 15 Days and poet John Daniels


Like the seeds of the fields
of the woodlands and gardens
we have grown
these twenty years our harvest
is honoured by your presence
take the seeds of ourcollective endeavours
in your hearts with our blessing.

By John Daniels poet 2023

This video about the show and artists was produced by students of Swanage School.

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