Janna Edwards has over 30 years experience of seeing the difference clay can bring to an individuals life. She set up her first business, after graduating with a Princes Trust Loan in 1996. She went on to exhibit and sell across the country and abroad. She is still a practicing artist, specialising in the human form

It was only when Janna went to teach adults with additional needs at a charity in Cambridge that her passion for enabling individuals to become artists in their own right started. Everyone has the right to be heard, to be seen, to be given the same opportunities, to be treated as equals. To become artists in their own right. 15 Days In Clay was set up exactly for this reason. Over the years Janna has seen the extraordinary difference clay can make to peoples lives, physically, mentally, and creatively. Janna has the ability to reach people and bring the best out of them. Transforming their lives, exceeding the expectations of those around them and themselves.

For more on Janna and her personal art see http://www.jannaedwards.com

Ceramic Therapy an article from the international magazine, Ceramic Review

Clay Commons – Podcast
Janna talks about how 15 days in clay is Art therapy.

This is episode 3 of Clay Commons, we’re delving deeper into the role of the artist in society, with the right support, something transformational can happen. Dementia sufferers can learn new skills, people who’ve experienced trauma can reconnect to the world, and those with disabilities can improve their quality of life. There’s some really uplifting stories and testimonials in this episode, and hopefully some new ideas and proof that we’d all be better off with clay and art as a central column of our life

clay commons

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