Our Covid Story

Along with the rest of the world in March 2020,  we all stopped life as we knew it due to the global pandemic. As the months followed we have had to learn to adapt and change. Here are some videos of 1-1 sessions we did when we were allowed using  the 2M distance rule.

 Covid head video

Covid Thought Heads

Before Covid, Janna Edwards was running workshops for an upcoming exhibition at Dorset County Museum through My Creative Life, run by the Arts Development programme. This exhibition was inspired to run alongside the arrival and permanent exhibition of sculptures by the artist Elisabeth Frink.

The workshop heads idea came from making Frink style heads ,we then would use these heads  as a way of communicating the person’s thoughts and feelings, impressing and writing these thoughts onto the head. Unfortunately the workshops had to stop. I decided over lockdown to continue making my head, so the idea came of making  these  heads into Covid heads, communicating my thoughts and feelings over lockdown, I have continued this idea with some of the 15 days artists.

On the 2nd December 2021 our exhibit opened at the Dorset museum, here is a link to its page. https://www.dorsetmuseum.org/my-creative-life-talking-heads/

A short film commissioned by the Dorset Museum as part of the creative life workshop series.

Covid heads, as seen in The Times news paper !

Videos of our artists creating Covid thought heads. Use your browser back button when finished playing

Time lapse Covid head creation

Time lapse Covid head part two

Covid thoughts in clay