Strategic Solutions donate Apple Ipad to 15 Days in Clay.

15 Days In Clay ,would like to thank Allan Cruse and his team at Strategic Solutions. We are extremely grateful and excited to have received an Apple Tablet , Stylus pen and case, from their Community Foundation.

This equipment will be used by all the artists that attend 15 Days In Clay, this will aid their creative practice hugely . We can now enable the artists in developing their digital practice, allowing the artists to create an individual digital portfolio. We will be able to teach individuals to use the internet, develop their technical skills, as well as bringing an endless resource of images , ideas ,visual stimulus straight into our studio. Previously we were using a phone which was not ideal, the scope with now having the tablet means we can document the artists working, using the video and camera , this will be used to create a video for our 20 year show coming up at Durlston Castle in March 2023. We would like to thank Strategic Solutions Community Foundation for this life changing invaluable Technology, this really will change lives for the better ,Thank you so very much for your generosity.

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