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Community stories a short film commissioned by Dorset Museum.

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Donec posuere vulputate arcu.

Words of power

These are the words and phrases gleaned from all who are involved with 15 Days in Clay. They remind me of that line from the Beatles song Michelle “These are words that go together well.” I have been volunteering with the group almost from the very start. I wrote these poems to join up the dots between the words. ‘Our Words’ uses key phrases to relate the experience of being an artist with 15 Days. Whereas “Warriors in Clay” takes the journey of our raw material, its journey in becoming a work of ceramic art, to that of our artists and their journey, their transformation. John Daniels 2019

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15 Days in clay presents. The gathering

We are our own gathringe, bonded by our kinship, with a sense of creativity at its heart.
Our purpose has always been to champion ability over any perceived disability.
There is beauty in difference if you remove judgment.

Our clay community has created its own collective purpose, generated genuine friendships and has nurtured an environment that has empowered countless individuals.

What Does 15 Days In Clay Mean to You?
This question was the starting point to the enquiry, with re occurring themes emerging.
Collective strength, unity, creativity, biscuits!
Somehow we needed to visually convey this message. We are our own Gathering.

The work needed to create a sense of presence, stature and an interaction. There needed to be uniformity with the overall form, but individuality in any artistic expression. The original question was just a guide. The component parts were to be given their own life. Each part was worked on separately. There was great trust given to the process and serendipity.

 The “one eye” was to detract from focusing on a face, so the figures become experienced. In short, two eyes will make a face one eye makes a figure!
After this exhibition Tribe will continue with a physical journey.

Reclaiming a place in the outside world. The installation will form a large circle.  Backs to you, it will be perceived as silhouettes. But stop, and step inside this circle and you will be rewarded with vibrant energy. Take time and contemplate

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