We are delighted to announce.

The Gathering has achieved 2nd place in the international ArtWorks Together competition and its new perminant place of exhibition at the Wentworth Woodhouse.

15 days in clay arts together

About the Competition

ArtWorks Together is an international competition, offering adults with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents to the entire world to gain the recognition they deserve.

ArtWorks together believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate fully in arts and culture and hope to raise the aspirations of artists with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism that want to work in the arts & cultural sector, and encourage ambition and talent to freely thrive through this opportunity to showcase their artwork through the exhibition.
Use the link below to see the shortlist of the 2021 exhibition and discover more about ArtWorks Together.

The Gathering is now a permanent exhibit at the wonderful Wentworth Woodhouse in Rotherham. Following the ArtWorks Together exhibition in 2021 where all of the shortlisted works were displayed, 15 days in clay were asked to show The Gathering as a forever fixture, of course we were delighted and the works can now be enjoyed in the Walled garden at Wentworth Woodhouse, a short video below shows the work amongst the flowers.

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